A day in my life ... And my healthy routine

The first thing I do when I wake up it's taking a long and hot shower... I wash my hair 4 days on the week and the rest I don't wash my hair but I use dry shampoo and when I don't wash my hair is because I did something different like curly hair or something like that, I love love love music! I always hear Beethoven or Lo-Fang are my favorite ones also Chopin. I get ready then I go down stairs and take my breakfast and this time was Banana, and coffee. 

Healthy things you can eat in the morning:
1.- Banana with Meal
2.- Fruit cocktail
3.- Papaya with yogurt
4.- Melon, Apple and Tea

And then I do something like reading or texting my boyfriend or something like that. I'm reading like ALOT of books and I don't really know why, I love reading poetry. Here's it's my list of favorite books: 

1.- Juventud en Extasis: One of my favorite books!
2.- Romeo & Julieta
3.- El Diario de Ana Frank
4.- De Profundis 

The last one is the book that I'm actually reading and I can say that is one of the BEST books I've ever read, considering that I'm a person who loves reading poetry than books.

If you wanna hear some good music, here is a list of my favorites:
1.- Beethoven
2.- Lo-Fang
3.- Chopin
4.- Bach
5.- Mozart

Let me know If you wanna see more tips or if you guys wanna see more outfits! I'll be reading all the messages on my Facebook Page!

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