Knowing what's new on the Must-Haves or trendy clothes, I got one gorgeous shirt or "off the shoulder". The material of this shirt is super fresh for sunny days and It looks super cute with denim jeans or shorts. The gold details make everything more classic.

My denim jeans are from Zara, fits perfectly to your body. What I love the most about this outfit are my pointy black shoes.


I just got a really cute black dress with flowers that were made or woven by hand. This is what I really call art on clothes!! WATCH: Casio (@docashopmx on instagram) Glasses by @SunsetGlassesMx

The sunflowers are my favorites ones!!

Perfect way to match a plaid shirt is wearing a black shirt under! Yep, stealing my boyfriend's style. In love with my lipstick btw.

And moving into FOOD!! I just learned how to make noodles.



One of the most important things at the time that we wanna decor our new home or do a totally makeover on our room is to keep everything clean and organized. This time I got you some ideas to make your room look clean and fresh without spending a lot of money, here's my list of minimalist ideasand yes, we are including plants.

My tip to make your room fresher and cleaner, WHITEColor white makes an amazing job when we wanna or we trying to make our room look a little bit more spaceful.

One good idea to make your house look fresh is a mini terrace, there's a lot of videos where you can see how to make your own for a low cost. All you need is wood, glass beakers and plants.

If you are more into de "rustic" style you can make this cute one with wood, I think is one of the most easiest things to do. You can do it with pallets, as it is a very easy material to work with.

And the last one is putting a plant on your room, there's a lot of guides that tells you what kind of plants are perfect for your house. There is no more perfect combination than good rustic wood, a white color and a beautiful plant



Para este calor que hay no existe cosa mas cómoda y fresca que un Jumper, lo podemos usar ya sea con tacones, sandalias o tenis, para esta ocasión decidí usar de nuevo unos tenis negros ya que por mi estilo de vida siempre ando de un lugar a otro.

De accesorios solo use mi reloj de siempre que es color dorado.

Y para mi bolsa use una negra chiquita que ademas puedo colgarme de lado.