martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: (Updated) Summer Haul 2O13

First I'm gonna start with belts: I got these from a store called Circus, Cy Zone, and Mamakushe. I love belts that has something like gold details or skulls, I am not the type that loves things that are phosphorescent but I'm in love with that belt. The second ones: Versace gold necklace that I'm obsessed with and the bracelet!
Now I'm going with clothes; First: A tie dye short that I also have from the store called Mamakushe and my crop top with the bun and with a gold detail and it's like a lace crop top and I really love it! That's a must-have.
And last one! My super cute flower dress, I mean, High-Low dress that are also a must-have! I posted about them here -> Must-Haves: Summer Trends. If you guys don't see them, also got them from Mamakushe, I'm leaving the link HERE If you guys like something you can bought them.

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